Monday, January 8, 2018

tetons trip part 2

more pictures of our trip.

 saturday morning, roland, b, and i went fishing. it had snowed during the night, and it was cold. so it was quite an adventure for us!

 but the fishing was amazing! one of the best fishing experiences of our lives. we each caught our limit, and the fish were big.

 here's the total haul. the hardest parts were carrying the fish out (back to the car). it was only about 1.5 miles, but it was cold, and the fish were heavy. the other hard part was cleaning them all--poor b spent hours cleaning them all.

 we went to church on sunday morning and then headed out for a hike.

 the location was beautiful and pretty isolated, but the trail was muddy.

 we didn't see any animals, unfortunately. but we did see a lot of bear tracks. they looked so big that we thought they were grizzly bear tracks, but we discovered on monday that they were still just black bear tracks.

 on the way back to our condo we saw a coyote on the road.

 we went to the visitor's center.

 the visitor's center had a cool art exhibit.

 playing on the way back home.

 i love this picture of sierra.

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