Tuesday, April 29, 2014


these are some of the things we've been doing over the past month.

 s on the floor of her classroom next to the best teacher ever, mrs. williams.

 s and some of her friends doing a poetry recitation.

 w dressed as davy crockett for the 5th grade wax museum project.

 b lovingly taking a picture of a pawpaw blossom--prior to it opening.

 a tortoise crossing sign at the state park in florida i went to. sadly, i didn't see any tortoises.

 the state park.

 the beach right by my hotel in fort lauderdale.

 a cruise ship leaving fort lauderdale--hopefully, headed over to the panama canal.

 the easter rabbit we saw!

 pictures from the easter egg hunt at grandma's house.

 i love this one!

 and this one!

 this is a nice picture of grandma with her granddaughters.

 grandma telling the easter story.

 we celebrated sara's and grandmas' birthdays on easter.

 s dressed up as sacagawea. she gave a book report dressed up as her subject. and she did such a great job! she had memorized her presentation and spoke up so everyone in the room could hear! she was a real pro.

 me admiring the pawpaw blossom.

 w won honorable mention for his short story about a teenage boy and his grandfather in the high uintas. we went out to red lobster that night to celebrate!