Wednesday, March 24, 2010

soccer and adoption

william had his first soccer game yesterday. brian and i had to attend an adoption class, but william's auntie and uncle were very generous and took him. i've attached a picture, which really shows more of the loomy shadows of whitney and matt (aka auntie and uncle) and the beautiful and high mountains. but the little dot in the white shirt is w. his team lost (0-1), but he had fun. i'm looking forward to seeing his next game.

we also just recently scheduled the adoption. it will be on wednesday, may 12! so, the day after my birthday, which seems like a good day. now may is even more full: my birthday, the adoption, our anniversary, and mother's day (which i'll now be able to celebrate as an honoree rather than just the one honoring others). may will be a good month!

Monday, March 22, 2010

so many turtles!

brian, william, william's friend, and i went to a pond nearby on saturday. the idea was that we would see if there were any turtles out. and, if there were any, we'd try to catch one. well, to william and his friend's delight, brian not only caught one, two, or even three red-eared sliders...he caught four! oh boy were the boys excited about that. william has hardly stopped talking about turtles since then.

brian and william went back on sunday afternoon, and william caught two turtles himself. if there's time, we'll go back tonight. we figure that they won't be very easy to catch once it really warms up. so we've got to get in as much turtle-catching as we can.

Monday, March 1, 2010

a new fruit

well it's a new fruit for me and william. brian thought it would be fun to buy a pummelo the other day--so we got a big, bright yellow one. they're so pretty. i honestly liked to just look at it on the counter.

yesterday we decided to try it. b used to eat pummelos almost everyday when he lived in indonesia. apparently they can be a variety of colors on the inside. so we were all excited to see what color it would be. it took awhile to peel and get the white stuff off, but finally we saw the inside. it was a neat yellow/orange/pink color on the inside. and it had a delightful flavor. they're much sweeter than grapefruits.

i always love trying a new food, especially a new fruit.