Monday, September 29, 2008

sego fest

we had been excitedly anticipating the sego fest for a few weeks (ever since i saw the first flyer) when we finished watching the presidential debate friday night we headed downtown to catch the first installment. it was a beautiful night and we got in a little dancing. the band we caught--st sebastian--was pretty good. there were some technical problems but it was fun.

on saturday we went to the rock castle amphitheater to catch the main event. they had two stages with bands playing when you didn't like the one you could check out the other. and it was fun. the music was really very good and we got in a lot of serious dancing. more dancing than we've done in a long long time. we particularly liked eden express (brians' favorite--the main guy had on angel wings and blue face paint) and the elizabethan report and shark speed (my favorites). but there were other good acts too. it was so nice to hear good local music. i hate to talk bad about cville, but this stuff was hands down better than the local acts we heard there. so, although we don't get wilco or modest mouse to come here, there's no shortage of good music.

it's such a relief to know that i can listen and dance to good music here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

T-shirt Update

I'm sure that many of you (if not all) have been agonizing over when you would hear about the natural conclusion to the narrative involving the t-shirt and the game boy. The shirt's now been delivered to my bro and being worn. You can see for yourself at a site elsewhere in the blogosphere:"

a wild and wonderful weekend

no we weren't in west virginia (unfortunately) but we did have a wild and wonderful weekend. friday night we went camping up in the mountains by springville. it was beautiful up there. we camped right along hobble creek (which will be a future fishing spot for sure). the trees were changing, the creek was great, and we saw our first belted kingfisher since arriving in utah. we also caught a garter snake, saw trout and the tracks of a moose and (we think) a coyote.

then, we finally got around to turning our flowering quinces (we have a flowering quince tree in our yard) into something useful. it turned into what i like to call spiced quince butter. it has a nice spicy, yet slightly tart flavor. a good autumn taste. this can't really replace paw paws or persimmons or cranberries, but it's something...

on sunday we also discovered what is commonly called the lawyer's wig or ink cap mushroom in our yard. they quite like our yard, and we quite like them since they're edible. we enjoyed eating them covered in garlic and curry. i didn't realize there would be so many mushrooms here, but there are quite a few varieties that we've seen just in our neighborhood. cross your fingers that we'll find more of these delectible edibles.

oh, and i can't help's now raining and gray. i love seeing, hearing, and smelling the rain. it's appealing to all of my senses.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

opening pandora's box

i just had a friend tell me about pandora (, which is a cool site that let's you select the type of music you like and then it plays you songs that fit in with your preferred style. and since most of us are a bit all over the place, musically speaking, you can set up one "radio station" or many "radio stations". so far, i've only set up one based on my love for built to spill...but i can foresee others coming soon.

check it out for yourself if you're interested.

Monday, September 8, 2008

provo's first fridays

so one cool thing that we just found out is that provo has a first fridays similar to charlottesville's. the art museums/stores in downtown provo stay open late the first friday of every month for your perusal. we enjoyed going downtown this friday and seeing the displays...we also saw a few new (new in the past five years) restaurants that seem fun. we walked inside a korean place to look at the menu and it smelled really really good. we'll definitely have to check that out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

a good family weekend

we had a nice labor day weekend. brian's mom and sister came into town. so we went all around--hiking in the canyon, eating lots of mexican/salvadorenian food, going to the latino festival, hitting ikea and the farmer's market, having a cookout in our firepit. they both got to try maple bars for the first time and loved them (they really are so good).

brian also received his phd diploma, which was fun to see. since he didn't get to have an actual graduation ceremony (since he finished in august) we had a mock one for him: we all hummed the pomp and circumstance song while brian pomped around the room. it was good fun.