Thursday, November 20, 2008

best song of the 90s

ok, so i got sucked into watching some of vh1's top 100 songs of the 90s (which is all fine except for the fact that i've already watched it--all 4 or 5 hours of it). i just can't help myself. the 90s were my decade...when i came of age. anyway, so here's a question for all of you out there who actually read this: what do you think is the best song of the 90s? if you can't think of just one, it's ok to name a few. there are so many good ones to choose from.

you can see some of the music i liked (at various stages of my life/of the 90s). i'll have to think more about what my absolute favorite song was.

Monday, November 17, 2008

how the grinch stole christmas

i love how the grinch stole christmas. it was a favorite of mine (the book and movie) when i was a kid. i can't quite put my finger on what i love so much about it...but it's just so classic. the story is absurd and fun and colorful and christmas-y.

i mentioned the other day that i love the movie. and brian, being the great guy that he is, bought the movie for me! so we watched it last night. obviously we'll have to watch it again...when we're a little closer to christmas. but it's good to start getting into the holiday spirit of things.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it's official

i've finally found out for sure that i'll be going to london for a work conference. i know, i know, it's for work, right--but i'll take a trip to london however i can get it. i really enjoyed it when brian and i went there a few years ago. i foresee...good food (indian perhaps?) and the hustle and bustle of a wonderful city in the winter. i'll have to figure out a good london book (preferably one set in the winter) to read to get me mentally prepped. does anyone have any good suggestions?

it's a wonderful day

well last night was perfect. i'm so relieved and so excited that obama will be our next president. i don't live under the illusion that he'll be perfect or that i'll love everything he does (he's a politician afterall), but i really think he's what we need. and i think we'll finally be able to make good progress. i loved his speech last night...and i really enjoy that he calls all americans to serve and sacrifice to make this a better country. i feel like that's something we've been missing.

i am happy to say that oregon and virginia went obama's way (way to go virginia!). utah clearly didn't go for him. but we weren't the most mccain state as brian pointed out to me today. i saw that utah county only had like 18% of the voters chose obama. hmmmm.

well onto other news (although what's bigger than the election results!)'s snowing here now in earnest. i've posted some pictures. it's fun to work by the window and watch the snow. i do enjoy seeing snow. the mountains are obscured with clouds so i couldn't get a get shot of those...but you can only imagine how lovely they are.

Monday, November 3, 2008

the ups and downs of a halloween weekend

our weekend was pretty surprising. let me just jump right in...

we went and voted on friday afternoon...which was actually quite fun. it was a long line, but it moved quickly, and it feels good to vote. we then got dressed up to go to our halloween dinner party and went out. the party was nice (you can see our costumes above) and we had a good time. we left and came back home to change back into our civilian clothes and head out to the international cinema to catch the orphanage. on our way to the movie we noticed that our obama sign had been stolen from our front yard (note this is the low part of the weekend)! we were shocked and mad. no one else's political yard signs had been stolen. we were the only ones with an obama sign (the rest of them are for a republican delegate who's running). arg...i think it's so dumb to steal political yard signs. you don't see me liking all the candidates but i don't steal people's have to let people think the way they want to think. and it's sad because we had wanted to keep the sign and always remember the year that obama won (oh please please he needs to win). the only bright side after that was that the movie was scary and good.

then saturday we had a chance to go to a latino market in orem. we hadn't been there yet...and were so surprised and delighted to see that they sell mamey licuados (ie zapote batidas...the absolutely delicious smoothie-type drink we found in the dominican republic). i never thought i would see those for sell in the us. so of course we had one of those...and then we found that they sell fresh zapotes in the market there. unfortunately it's still quite cross your fingers that it will ripen up soon (the picture of the potato-like thing is the zapote).

then that night we went out to osaka with some friends...and enjoyed such a nice, cheap dinner. i haven't eaten much japanese food in my life, but the teriyaki salmon was so good. and we had such improving conversation too. it's always so nice to meet and spend time with interesting people.

then just one more thing: it rained all day sunday. that was perfectly wonderful.