Tuesday, October 27, 2009

first dusting of snow

we had our first snow down in the valley today. it was such a small amount it didn't create an accumulation, but it was fun to see some snow again. we're supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow. so maybe there will be a little accumulation. only time will tell.

Friday, October 16, 2009


today is brian's birthday, which is exciting (i love birthdays). but, unfortunately, he's got a really bad cold. so bad he cancelled his classes today and is currently in a benadryl-induced slumber. the up side is that he didn't have to work on his birthday. the down side is pretty obvious.

so i don't know exactly what we'll do today to celebrate, but we're planning on going out for dinner tomorrow. and i have a few birthday tricks up my sleeve.

on another note, i love that brian's birthday is in october. i think we're pretty blessed to have been born in two of the best months of the year: october for brian and may for me. every time i step outside now i'm blown away by how gorgeous the trees in the valley and on the mountains are. i don't think i've ever seen the mountains here look better. and to top that off, we found 5 mushrooms (of the edible variety) in our yard. we were worried we might have over-harvested our yard--so you can only imagine how excited we are. and, b just found out that he got one of his articles accepted in a journal. i consider all these things birthday miracles!

happy birthday, b.

this is to show off the bright red virginia creeper that's climbing up our cedar trees in the back of our house. they look redder in real life.

a little blurry, but here's two of our mushrooms. they change so quickly. the blackish one is past its eating prime, but the other is perfectly edible.

again this doesn't really do the mountains justice, but this gives you a feel for how they look. i think the wet summer and winter is really bringing out the colors. the mountains are just amazing with fall colors--oranges, yellows, reds. it's so beautiful.

Friday, October 2, 2009

no offense to chicago

i'm very happy to hear that the 2016 olympics will be in rio de janeiro. it's about time for south america to host the olympics. the us has hosted it so many time (so many times just in my 28-year lifetime). and, finally, i'm glad that having the obamas and oprah lobby for chicago didn't sway the committee's vote. it's fine to lobby for your country/city (and, honestly, it's expected), but a country/city should not win because high-profile people want it to be there.

yea for rio!