Thursday, November 29, 2012


we had a nice thanksgiving and long weekend. to kick things off, we decided to watch the lord of the rings. in fact, we decided to watch all three in the trilogy: we watched one each night except for thursday night. we borrowed the extended version dvds, which made for some long, but interesting nights. we also watched them in the order of 2, 1, and then 3. that was a bit weird, but the order we got the discs, and it worked.

for the big turkey day, b and i got up and went for a 5-mile run. then we all made thanksgiving shirts before we went over to grandma's house.

w and s eating their turkey.

excited about their lord of the rings shirts.

b's shirt is wishing his beloved islands of the sea a happy thanksgiving.

then, of course, he drew the indonesian and hawaiian archipelagos. my shirt, which isn't shown, was an homage to pet sounds with "I'm waiting for the turkey."


ross and cyleste letting us know that they're having a boy!

los esquincles y granny.

little leah.

kirsten and matt.

the day after thanksgiving, b had the good idea to go to a hot spring nearby. we drove through the mountains and made our way to a place b and i have gone in a few times...but it was the first time for the kiddos. it was pretty hot, but bearable. especially once you got used to it. we all had a good time. william was all over the place. and i have to admit that it all seemed a bit like the swamps in the two towers movie. and we even saw a bald eagle on the drive over. super cool, no?

on sunday, we decorated for christmas. and, since thanksgiving was over, it meant it was time to pull out the old frosty record (which i like more than anyone) and that bob dylan christmas cd. william said that he likes the bob dylan cd because he sounds like an old man, kind-of like a cowboy. i liked that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

fun-time fall-time pictures

here are some miscellaneous pictures from this fall.

the first day of school.

our traditional first-day-of-school donut at the creamery.

willie's donut was big!
we got some innertubes and went tubing down the provo. it was a lot of fun.

william and sierra next to our growing pawpaws. yes, they are growing.

this one is taller than sierra. and notice our peach tree behind william. it's grown so well, and it gives us such nice fruit.

w, s, and baby leah at the pumpkin patch.

the cousints.

sierra, alex, and isaac showing their jack-o-lantern faces.

b feeding the big ol' billy goat at the pumpkin patch.

sierra hugging b on his birthday.

w, b, and s with their gift to b (ritter chocolate bar). doesn't that sound good.

b with his present from me.

sierra got her face painted at b's department party.

s as a "black widow" on halloween.

a close-up of s's owl jack-o-lantern. i was quite proud of my carving skills.

w as a ninja with his pumpkin.

sierra's time with granny roberts

sierra got to spend time with granny roberts while the rest of us went up into the high uintas this summer. here are some pictures that show what a good time they had.

sierra playing with baby kirsten.

sierra, whitney, and kirsten.

sierra and porter.

sierra in her new birthday clothes.

sierra and her new cabbage patch doll.

at the zoo!

yellowstone trip

we had a great trip to yellowstone this past august with brian's parents. we camped, fished, took a boat ride on the lake, looked for arrowheads and bits of obsidian, explored new parts of the park, went to ranger programs, and saw lots of animals. it was great--as going to yellowstone always is!

we saw tons of bison while we were. including a lot of bison on the roads.

our campsite really was sloping down--so this picture is pretty accurate.

pictures at fishing bridge.

admire the yellowstone shirts we gave to b's parents. aren't they cool!

b swimming in the firehole river.

a grizzly bear we saw! it was eating a dead bison. this caused quite a traffic jam.

william wish one of his nice, nice cutthroats on his fishing trip with b and roland into the grand canyon of the yellowstone.

the river wasn't as raging this year as it was two years ago when i went down. but it was still a great trip. roland caught about 100 trout!

i always love seeing a yellow-bellied marmot.

a cool picture, i think. yellowstone lake is so huge.

roland standing along the yellowstone river where he used to go fishing with his brothers.

a natural chair that sierra found.

what a cool picture. i love that lake!

sierra and willie at the oldest hotel in yellowstone.

not only is this super upclose, but sierra also has a dirty face.