Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb trip to Oahu

Hey, this is B, posting some pics from my Feb trip to Oahu.

Balcony view of Manoa Valley from E-W Center dorm

Another view

Around the E-W Center

Japanese garden. Sorry some of these are sideways. I've already spent too long messing with formatting.

Entrance to where I used to live in Honolulu

Closer view of the place

Pic of the author I interviewed in Feb 2014. But the pic is from the 1940s.

Pic of the author, Feb 2014

Another way of thinking about island relationality, in case you get tired of your typical way of thinking about island relationality.

Can't resist getting a pic of rambutans in Chinatown 

Some medicines 

I liked this coat of arms

At the beginning of a hike I took. The child is not mine. His mother was yelling at him to get out of my pic but I was in a hurry, no time to wait for him to respond to his mother's counsel.

To prove I was there, a pic of my shadow.

A sandy beach where I body surfed. I caught this scene in a rare moment with no breakers.

Near the Sandy Beach where I body surfed

The missionaries' bikes in Laie.

Thus begins a series of pics of two men trying (for some reason) to snorkel at Sharks Cove in Feb. One made it out a ways. The other kept getting pushed back on the rocks by the surf.

Some friends of mine

The number of authentic examples of rongorongo writing is so limited, I didn't think I'd get to see one until, surprise, I saw one.

The meal I attended, a fundraiser for the author I interviewed and her pilgrimage.

A corner in Laie which, as I drove by, I realized I had visited when I was maybe four?

The fence grows hot peppers 

When I was four, I messed around with the peppers and ended up with a stinging tongue

View from Laie point

a buoy tree.

I was interested in the changing colors of the sea almonds

At Kailua Beach, a pic of the house on the point.

The canal

Red-crested cardinals eating at some trash