Monday, June 16, 2014

b's big day!

we celebrated father's day yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. we did presents, had a great dinner, and then went for a family walk. we even got to enjoy the first of our raspberries--straight from the bush!

 b reading the card w made for him.

 b with the "i'm a mormon" record we love so much. the songs are really fun. 

 b and s with the picture s made for b. as you can tell, s is getting into the hawaiian spirit of things!

 b with some of the little gifts s made for him.

 b turning a piece of art s made into a hat.

 big daddy holding the card i made for him. it said "dad sad? dad mad? (and then on the inside) no, dad glad...because it's father's day!"

 b holding the picture i found for him of mesa falls on the henry's fork of the snake of b's all-time favorite rivers. and on the back it has a beautifully written piece by wallace stegner about his love of this river. what a great DI find.

 b holding up his new gray connies. 

for dinner we had red lobster cheddar bay biscuits; couscous salad; fresh pineapple, mango, and raspberry salad; and baked beans. then for dessert we had baked brie (the kiddos had little fruit pies). then we went for a walk around the neighborhood--well, b and i walked; w and s rode their bikes. it was good to get out and work off some of that meal.