Friday, October 21, 2016

B's Birthday

 we just celebrated b's birthday, and it was a great day. we love celebrating birthdays--and this one was no exception.

we saved some pawpaw pulp and made b a delicious pawpaw cake. this was b's first foray into cake-making.

 in honor of cat on a hot tin roof (and b)!

we ate pizza and fruit and then played a game we innovated "brian's birthday balderdash," which was so fun. i had come up with some questions, and everyone needed to guess what they thought b would put as the answer. b would read all of the answers, including his own, and then we would guess which one we thought be had written. it was a lot of fun!

 b's favorite cereal.

 the movie "hawaii."

 a book about georgia o'keeffe with lots of her paintings of new mexico.

 the cure's three imaginary boys album.

 the game s made for b's birthday. people wrote down nice things about b, and then he had to guess who it was from. he did pretty well but needed some help near the end.

 oh the cake!

 b chose chocolate, carmel, and cashew ice cream, and then he also chose vanilla, carmel, and cashew ice cream to go with his cake. it was all super good. the cake was even better than i remembered it to be (we haven't had it since 2007). 

 the questions we used in the balderdash game.

 the left overs!

it was a great birthday party, day, and everything. it is always so much fun to celebrate the people you love.