Monday, December 27, 2010


we've had a good, eventful christmas week. on the monday before christmas we got quite a bit of snow. and then on tuesday we got even more. i don't know how much but at least 1.5 feet. that meant a lot of snow shoveling and not a lot of running. but it also meant that we lost some of our trees!

i was out shoveling snow when i heard the crack. the cedar tree in front of our house broke in half. and before the heavy snow had melted, we had a major branch on our big plum tree break and a few cedar branches in our backyard break too.

we still need to get all of this taken care of (ie get rid of the broken tree in our front yard), but it doesn't seem very pressing yet.

on wednesday, we went as a family to go bowling. we did bumper bowling this time, and our scores were naturally a bit inflated. but it still felt good to get over 100. and i did get a non-bumper strike. then we went and saw secretariat, which was a fine movie. and, of course, we topped off the day with a little trip to the di.

on friday, christmas eve, we went up to my mom's house for dinner. we had an italian themed dinner. we made homemade pizza, which i was quite proud of actually, and there was other good food. after the meal, we each got a part and acted out the nativity. below are some pictures of that. brian and i were joseph and mary, and willy was the angel.

after the nativity, we opened some presents...

then we ended the evening by each talking to my oldest sister and her family via skype and a piece of carrot cake (left over from the sealing party in july!).

saturday morning, i kept thinking that willy would wake us up early, but b and i actually got up before william did. we started the presents festivities around 8 am.

willy's favorite presents were the big lego set from my mom, the air hockey table from b's parents, and the complete 2nd season of bonanza on dvd.

the other pictures show some of my and b's favorite presents.

later that day we went on a drive to explore good arrowhead fields. it was really foggy out, and william was dressed in his best bonanza outfit.

it's been a good christmas!