Thursday, August 27, 2009

a good siting

last night b and i went up to a mountain overlook of the valley and watched the sunset. on the drive down, we happened to see two wild turkeys up on the hillside! i always love a wild turkey siting (it's fun to hear them too, but we were too far away this time). how fun would it be to go turkey hunting, hm? i had a friend in virginia who would go out turkey hunting with a bow. can you imagine how cool it would be to get one with an arrow and then bring it home to eat for thanksgiving or christmas. ah, a fantasy of off the turkey fat of the land.

Friday, August 14, 2009

heart of gold

i was just reminded today of how much i love (love, love, love) johnny cash's version of heart of gold. i was flipping through my itunes library and came across it. it's a song that i could listen to over and over again. and actually i usually do when i have it queued up. i love how gravelly his voice is in it. it just seems to match the sense of longing found in the words.

if you haven't listened to it for awhile, find it on youtube or something. if you've never listened to it...all i can say is that you're in for a treat.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a fun family time

b's parents came in town last week, and we had a good time with them. we went on several hikes, there was lots of good fishing, we had some good food, and--of course-- there were some good chats. below is a quick recap of our week.

on wednesday we went up to the high uintas on a 9-mile hike. it was a difficult hike (we were all very tired and sore afterwards), but it was really beautiful up there. it was exciting to finally get up there too, and to discover that it really isn't that far away from us. we hiked up to an alpine lake and spent several hours there. b, roland, and i did some fishing there and caught our limit--24 trout (can you imagine). that was basically a dream-come-true for brian and roland. we cooked up some of the fish in a fire we made. and then, since i forgot silverware, we ate the fish with our bare hands (unfortunately there are no pictures of that--our hands were way too grimy at the time). we hiked up about 2500 feet to the lake and then back down again. we got rained on some on the last little bit, and that felt good.

me with the biggest fish i caught up there.

one of the bag fulls of trout. yum!

b sitting by the fire as the fish were cooking.

a view of the lake that was so good to us.

then later in the week we went to a more local park. b and roland caught a few fish. we had a nice picnic up there and went on a little hike.

me and whitney by the cool, cool river.

on saturday we drove up to logan, and roland took us around to each of the houses he lived in while growing up there. one is no longer there, but the other two were, and we actually got tours of those homes. he also took us around to some of the schools he attended and other key sites. we drove up into logan canyon and went on a nice little hike. of course, it was beautiful again. there really isn't an ugly canyon here. we made it up to a limestone cavern overlooking the canyon.

we all agree that the family looks pretty dog-gone cool in this picture.

we found a spring along the trail, and b and roland stopped to get a drink.

at the caverns, b climbed up a rock wall to get to a high-up ledge.

whitney in a limestone crevice.

roland casually sitting outside logan high school whilst the lhs grizzly bear is looming in the background.

roland next to the pigeon coop at his second home in logan. the family that bought the house back in 1964 still live there.