Friday, January 6, 2017

brian wilson's pet sounds concert

b's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this past august. in honor of that (and them living in utah now), we got them tickets (and b and i tickets) to go see brian wilson and his bad on his 50th anniversary pet sounds tour.

 we went up to slc to see the show.

 b wearing the beach boys shirt he made when we saw all of the beach boys in 2012. 

 roro used to go see the beach boys at lagoon when he was kid.

 we enjoyed the show. it was amazing hearing pet sounds (one of my favorite albums) from start to finish. and i finally got to hear "waiting for the day" with real timpani drums! so cool.

 brian also performed other songs and brought out other some other performers. he doesn't have as much stamina as he would have had back when pet sounds first came out, but it was a great show. it's amazing that he is still around.

fall-time fun

some fall-time activities from the past year. we went to a pumpkin patch and a few pics at the end of s and i having a fun time over fall break.