Thursday, January 9, 2014

highlights from the holidays

 w's christmas choir concert. 


 s at her gingerbread house making activity at the school.

 the whitney/matt family and our family at the byu art museum. we went to see the sacred gifts show.

 us on the train ride up to see the lights at temple square.

 b and roro waiting for the light rail to take us to temple square.

 granny with the kiddos.

 crammed into the light rail train. it was crowded!

  the manger scene at temple square.

 s making her the funny face that she and her daddy like to make at me!

 s with her christmas eve present. a beautiful dress!

 w with his christmas eve present. some cool elk pjs!

 grandma with the kids making fun grinch hors d' oeuvres. 

 a christmas surprise! santa came to whitney and matt's house. all of the kids got a chance to sit on his lap. w told santa he wanted a meat rabbit.

 s felt a little uncomfortable sitting on his lap. he's a stranger after all.

 kirsten wanted a hilda the hippo!

 kirsten telling b that she wants a norma head for chirstmas!

 leah, ross, cyleste, and baby corbin.

 w had the opening act in the christmas program. he shared a nativity picture he drew.

 cyleste, ross, and leah sang "far, far away on judea's plain" for their part.

 s played jolly old st. nicholas and jingle bells on the piano.

 grapa and granny wore crazy christmas hats and danced around to the music that cathy's hat played.

 kirsten sang a song.

 cathy and whitney sang a duet.

 roro read the christmas story from the bible. 

i don't have a picture of mine, but i wrote several new verses to up on the house top that we all sang. i had a verse for willie, sierre, brian, roland, cathy, and myself. after that i ran out of steam. b's part was doing a book white elephant exchange where he supplied all of the antique books. the christmas program was a success as it always is.

 sierra opening her first gift christmas morning: teaching supplies from grandma leslie.

 w opening his first gift of the big day: a lone ranger lego set from grandma leslie. how did grandma know just what they would love!?

 w with his favorite gift of the day: a swiss army pocket knife.

 roro and b holding brian's big christmas present: a vintage japanese glass ball.

 s and w blowing on conch shells. willie gave sierra a shell for christmas.

 w with his monkey gift from auntie emily and uncle jason.

 me wearing the warm sweatshirt from roro and cathy holding one of the bird feeders b gave me. we've attracted a lot of birds with these new feeders.

 cathy and roland wearing their hawaii shirts that b made them. our big christmas gift is that all of us--b, me, w, s, and cathy and roland will all be going to maui this summer!

 s and w with the bows that grandma and grandpa gave them. don't they look like elves from the hobbit?

 grandpa and grandma looking at the book sierra wrote and gave to them for christmas.

 cathy and her sunshine. she's holding the book of old relief society journals that we picked up awhile ago. cathy liked it so much that she took home all of the bound volumes we had--something like 15. i'm not sure how she fit them all in their luggage.

 sierra with the old ephraim shirt that her daddy gave her.

 s with her chef's cap and apron on. one of her big gifts was getting cooking lessons!

 b and willie with their old ephraim shirts.

 waiting for the new hobbit movie to start. we went to see that on christmas.

 the saturday after christmas we went down to the san rafael swell. the weather was clear so going over the mountains wasn't a problem. but boy were we glad we turned around before we got on I-15. we had forgotten snow boots for b and s. converse in this snow and cold wouldn't have worked.

 roro crawling into a crevice.

 we found a pool of water that had frozen solid. 

 if you look carefully you'll see b and s making their funny faces at me!

 we found another frozen water area, but the ice didn't go all the way to the ground. you could see the layer of ice and then a foot or so down to the actual ground.

 roland holding the frozen foot print we found.

 we made it to the caves we had been wanting to get to since we first came here last april.

 it was gorgeous up there. the desert varnish, the hole in the top of one of the twin caves. oh boy oh man, oh man oh boy.

 this was the frozen pool of water that wasn't frozen solid. thankfully william didn't fall in.

 i love this picture. b gave me a guide to water coloring book, and this is an image i'd like to paint.

 roland made it to our favorite pictographs!

 i hike up high to see if i could find any new pictographs. sadly, i didn't find any, but i did get a good glimpse of the vastness of the swell. it's huge and truly awe inspiring.

 we got together with brian's cousin and her family. w is playing stick pull with her younger son.

 s dressed as a pioneer at a pioneer museum.

 i like these pictures.

 a cute picture of reagan. i took about ten to get this good one.

 playing around at the springville art museum.

 roland singing celine deon's "i drove all night" late on new year's eve. it sounded as good as the first time he sang it so many new years eves ago.

 on new year's day we all went to have one last hurrah at red lobster. oh man those cheddar bay biscuits are so good.