Tuesday, November 19, 2013

emily and jason come to visit

emily and jason came from tennessee to visit with us and whitney and her family. we had a great time. they went swimming with us on thursday evening, the adults went out to the bombay house for a lovely indian dinner on friday, and on saturday we took them to goblin valley and the san rafael swell. on sunday, we went into rock canyon and up to brent and beth's house for a delicious dinner.

it was a fun time! thanks for coming out emily and jason.

 it was a beautiful day at goblin valley. 

 willie proved once again that he is a great climber.

 such vistas!

 look at that. aren't you smitten? 

 this was jason's first time eating nutella. he liked it!

 our favorite pictographs in the swell.

 b holding up a sheet of ice we found in a little bathtub in the swell.

 s with some ice. she said it was cold.

 the canyon we walked through in the swell is gorgeous. look at those walls.

 the sunset was amazing as we drove home. this picture didn't do it justice.

 up at brent and beth's house.

brian's birthday

we celebrated b's birthday last month. here are some pictures of him opening his presents.

he had to teach all day on his birthday, so i took the kids to campus and we surprised b by bringing cookies to his class. and the kids wrote fun things on the board that b's students thought were so cute. things like "my dad is the best teacher ever!"

the last weekend we used the gift card to red lobster that b's parents sent him. we all four went and had a good cheddar bay biscuit-shrimp evening.