Monday, August 25, 2014

first day of school

w started 6th grade last week, and s started 3rd. w looks tough her in his long shorts and cool zip-up connies.

 i love this picture.

 i have to admit that i love s's throw-back jeans (and her pink connies).

 i love this one too. 

 side shot!

 me and the big s.

 the three of us.

 as usual, we went for our traditional creamery breakfast. w got two Y donuts, and s got one cake donut (and had some cookies n' cream milk). 

so far, w and s are enjoying the school year. they both really like their teachers, and we like their teachers. it should be a great year.

sierra's 8th bday and baptism!

s turned 8 at the beginning of the month. she had a friend party on her birthday, she had her baptism the day after her birthday, and then she had her family party the next day. it was a full weekend of celebration!

 sierra's friend party at the park. we ate pizza.

 we decorated canvas bags.

 we made sparkly necklaces.

 s opened her presents.

 we played twister and with balloons.

 after the party, s and i came home so she could open her presents from grandma and grandpa roberts. she got a new outfit for kirsten, which she was super excited about.

 and a new shirt and skirt.

 and a new owl shirt. 

 s in front of the chapel (with the temple in the background) on her baptism morning!

 s picked out her baptism shirt and skirt.

 s with her daddy!


 i like these pics of w and s.

 the whole group. we had a lot of family and good friends who came for the big event.

 just the fam.

 after the baptism, we came home and had a brunch/get-together. we had a good time with our family and friends. then s opened her family presents (from us). her big gift was a horse ride in provo canyon with her daddy!

 s got all dudded up in her best cowgirl clothes.

 getting saddled in.

 off she goes!

 what a great place to ride a horse.

 s and b.

 s had a great time. she came back and told w and myself all about it!

 on sunday, we had her family bday dinner (enchiladas) and her bday cake (grandma roberts' famous chocolate cake) and ice cream (of course it was the creamery's caramel cashew!). it was a wonderful birthday and baptism weekend.

roro's visit

roland came out to visit in late july. we spent a day going up to ne utah (trying the find the old place where he used to hand fish with his brother). sadly, we didn't find it, but we did have an adventure.  s, b, and roro out in the ne utah plains. we didn't end up fishing with roro, but it was interesting to try to find the old hand fishing place.

 we ended up in logan and made a pit-stop at the cheese factory. after eating some cheese samples and buying plenty of cheese, we ate our ice cream. 

 we also went to the logan zoo, which the kids always love. here b and s are feeding grass to a hawaiian nene. we didn't see them in maui, but we saw some in logan!

gymnastics camp

w and s did a gymanstics camp this summer. they both had a good time. on the last day, i came early and got to watch them show off their newly acquired skills.

 w after vaulting onto a mat.

 s on the uneven bars.

 action shot!

 s on the balance beam.

 yea! s received her certificate of completion.

 w on his all-boys team with his certificate.