Friday, November 16, 2018

nc beach trip

we had a fun trip to the beach during the summer with b's family! not much beats time at the beach. growing up near the ocean, b and i both love it so much. and it's fun to see our kids come to enjoy it too.


 little madelyn.

 and a fun picture of some other kids we love--half of the esplin kids. note moses's hat and ansel playing the piano.

late spring - early summer haps

s softball!

 she scored a run here.

 s's 6th grade graduation.

 and, of course, the may pole.

 the last day of school may pole (which actually didn't go smoothly, but the one the day before did). 

 a cooking activity with s's friends.

 we went to the "be one" event at the conference center. it was an incredible event!

 we got to see nathan at leah's baptism. he was serving in ross's stake at the time!

 a bunch of us in the area came for the baptism, which was fun too.

 a throw-back pic of me and b from back in our ricks days.
 s having fun singing and dancing to a song.

 look who's on 2nd!

 my ruddy duck print.

 s making a print.

 s showing off her cleaned up and cool looking bedroom.