Thursday, December 21, 2017

norma family trip to oregon

these are not in order, but it gives a fun taste of my trip to oregon with all six of my siblings and my mom. we had a great time!

 i love the sky in this one.

 i love this one too. beautiful sunrise our first morning there (in yachats). 

 eating blackberries!

 views of our first place in yachats. 

 cape perpetua overlook.

 heceta head lighthouse.


 mo's seafood.

 kaye, don, and stuart going dunebuggying.

 we all participated in the pre! mom and tamaran walked

 post-race photo.

 shore acres.

 watching the wales surface.

 the perfect foggy day at shore acres.

 at kyle's spot where he did his eagle project.

 gorgeous view from our charleston house.

 we bought fresh (fresh!) salmon in charleston and grilled it one night. it was the most delicious salmon i can ever remember eating. it was amazing!

 dad's tree at swocc.

 bandon trip.

 exploring around the shore acres/sunset beach area.

 the elk viewing area after reedsport. we saw lots of elk.

 eating lunch in portland.

 us all running the pre.


 a good buah naga i bought at safeway!

 a great pic.

 chasing the seagulls.

 now with stuart! we are complete.

 great pics of ross being a tree hugger.

 nbhs track records.

 mom's old classroom. 

 the old gym. looks very much the same as when i would warm up for track there or play freshman basketball games.

 the band room; it has changed a little. 

 i haven't gotten this, but i want to.

 mom and rossi being playful at roosevelt.

 view of the lights from our charleston house.

 kaye and don finished together.

 they held hands crossing the line. i loved that!

 i ran into my old friend melissa!

 us all by dad's tree at swocc.

 at the face rock cheese factory. i loved this sign!

 i love this pic of rossi.

 seals, sea lions.

 a dead seal on the shore. 

 i love this picture.

 sadly, my favorite donut place went out of business. but we found some good maple bars in reedsport.

 the family house.

 i like this one.

 a great one of mom.

 i like this one of stuart.

 some funny sign along the pre route.

 some great shore acres photos.

 gorgeous mums at shore acres.

 mom istirahat dulu at sunset.

 the pettijohns.

 and with debbie huff! she said the kindest things about our family in her sacrament meeting talk that sunday. and she shared some lovely memories of dad, which was fun.