Tuesday, October 6, 2015

labor day weekend part dua

 i am continuing our labor day weekend trip. here we are at the hell's backbone bridge.

 the views into the canyon below were amazing.

 you could see the mountains off in the distance.

 i like how the rocks in the foreground blend in with the rocks in the background in these shots. it sort-of looks like we are just floating in the air.

 an explanation of the feat it was to build the bridge.

 on our way out of escalante, we stopped at a food truck in boulder. b just couldn't pass up having a closer look at it.

 once we were back near torrey, we stopped at the flute shop. w and s went inside the teepee to play the flutes they just got.

 i really like these shots of them inside the teepee.

 we went out into the velvet mountain area outside torrey to explore the area out there.

 we walked around this pond.

 we saw some yucca.

 we then went out near capitol reef np to look for neat rocks. we hiked around and did find plenty of cool rocks.

 a cool almost metate-type rock.

 look at the sky. so amazing.

 animal tracks in the moist earth.

 cool crusty dried out clay mud.

 s holding a piece.

 me showing a rock i found.

 now me showing a rock i found with my arm flexed. as you'll see there's quite a difference.

 a cool dirt mound that looks like it was created as water ran through this dry stream bed.

 i'm so enamored with the sky.

 this is a gorgeous shot.

 on our way home, we stopped at slacker's again for burgers and then let the kiddos see the scary police officer parked on the side of the road. as you can see, they were sufficiently horrified.

 this bumper sticker made us wonder if the cop was actually an alien...