Wednesday, January 10, 2018

christmas morning!

s with her wooden clog/stocking booty.

 super sharp cheddar. i love that she loves that.

 a necklace that sierra picked out for me. it's the same type of stone that the portland temple is made out of.

 s also picked out yummy cranberry jalapeno jelly for her gift to b. how thoughtful!

 s really likes her new llama pjs.

 s also likes her old-new ipod.

 b opening his big gift.

 the complete collection of bob dylan's music from 1960-2012. (he has been listening to it a lot over the past few weeks.)

 a cool pair of green boots (that are a bit more dressy than his other green boots).

 he looks real good in them.

 s opening the complete collection of dr quinn, medicine woman.

 monkey jar plants?! b got me two. i couldn't believe it!

 we really hope they survive.

 b's new book on where to find good petrified wood in each state in the us. although, as the book says, not all states really have petrified wood.

 s modelling her new thumb-hole sweater.

 b's shirt i made for him.

 musettes: honorary former member by choice

 my new hiking boots.

 b's new poster (that's now framed and on the wall) of our beloved grand staircase escalante national monument.

 a poster of newsies!

 an awesome retablo that b got me! i love it so much.

 frames for the cool southern utah postcards we picked up after we ran the marathon.

 oh isn't this cute?

 our movie tickets to go see the new star wars movie (the last jedi). we saw it the following day with michael, cathy, and roland. it was so good!

 our gift from david and bonny.

 the painting we got together recently. can you imagine it was only $25?

 we got some snow the night before. we went for a walk around the neighborhood. here are some animal tracks we saw--this one is a raccoon.

 a quail.

 and a rabbit.

we had such a delightful christmas morning together. it was really very fun to be together and share in the happiness of sharing gifts, going for a walk, etc.  

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