Saturday, January 6, 2018

b's birthday!

b turned 40 this year. our big celebration was running the marathon, but we also celebrated in true b fashion with paw paws and indonesian stuff!

 a double paw paw!

 from many angles.

 the morning of b's birthday, we went out together to look at the paw paws.

 that night, we went back up to makan makan for indonesian food!

 b's gift from his parents.

 notice how it has an image of boone and ames--where he first lived and was born. what a coincidence.

 b reading the card from my mom.

 i love how happy my mom is.

 b opening his card and presents at home.

 a postcard of the bridge in nb that emily found in nashville!

 i gave b several white stripes cds.

 an acoustic jack white album.

 an indonesian cook book.

 what?! a big poster of our beloved bears ears.

 i wrote out b's name in paw paws on the table.

 our family party with whitney's family.

b got a cheese ball and triskets from whitney's family.

 ray ray discovering paw paws.

 i think maybe there's dancing happening?

b's paw paw birthday cake!

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