Saturday, January 6, 2018

miscellaneous fall happenings

 a gorgeous red tree nearby.

 b and i having lunch on campus; we got his favorite number as our order number.

 jared, judy, jim, and jared's oldest son (the moyers) came out to utah for general conference, and we had them over for dinner. it was great to see them all.

 my garuda painting i did while listening to conference.

 simon looking at b sleeping during one session of general conference.

 on campus they had a really neat replica of king soloman's temple. the seely's took us through it and explained lots of stuff to us and a big group of folks from the neighborhood. it was really cool.

 the inside of the ark of the covenant. they even burned some incense.

 we went to the new indonesian restaurant in sandy (makan makan) and ran into our old friend elder green! we had him over to eat so many times when we lived in solo.

 the food was enak sekali!

 sierra working on her science project.

 us waiting for her sep. she is so flexible.

 w, roland, and my mom admiring roro's rocks.

 b went to chicago for a conference.

 s's science fair project poster presentation.

 b dancing

 in some new dutch clogs we picked up.

 look at those moves!

 we watched moses (and other neighborhood kids) perform in rendering of the tempest. moses was caliban, and he was great.

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